WiSE is a student-led orgranization that runs internal and external events. Some of the internal events include Career and Mentorship Nights and Speaker events. For external events, WiSE  runs a number of outreach programs to promote women in science and engineering.

History of WiSE at Guelph

The idea to form this group came from experiences at two separate conferences. Jeannine Guindon attended the Women in Engineering conference held annually in Kingston and was surprised to find that the School of Engineering at the University of Guelph was one of very few schools without a Women in Engineering group. Nicole Webb attended the International Conference of Women Engineers and Scientists with her advisor. She was inspired to form this group by the surprising differences between the University of Guelph high female student population and the low workforce female population. She hoped to begin a process of educating female students to better prepare them for the work world. Dr. Valerie Davidson has been acting as faculty mentor for the project.

An introductory meeting was held on October 8th, 2002 to determine interest and discuss the goals of the group. There were approximately 30 undergraduate and graduate students from the School of Engineering and Department of Mathematics in attendance.

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